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Level : Ordinary

Type : Comprehensive

Location : Qingdao , Suburb

Qingdao University

A top 50 university which is located in Qingdao, an European style seaside city


Qingdao University (QDU) has 1 campus: Center Campus . The accommodation fee range is from 45.00 Per Person Per Year;Room Type I to 14300.00 Per Person Per Year;Room Type I . You can book different types of rooms in Qingdao University online on CUCAS easily.

Located in Qingdao, a scenic seaside city known to the world for its shipbuilding, electronics production and beer. Qingdao University is generally consisted of three campuses, the Center Campus, the West Campus and the East campus.

Notes: 1. A deposit of 800 RMB must be paid upon checking into dormitory and, barring any damage to room or missing items, will be refunded to resident upon checking out.
2.Those seeking residence must sign a residence contract before moving into dormitory.
3. Water and heating unit are free. If resident exceeds allotted electricity usage, they will be charged at a rate of 0.7yuan /kw.
4. Internet must be paid separately.
5.Accommodation fees must be paid in cash。If you check out or move out during the payment period for personal reasons, the remaining fees will not be refunded.

Center Campus

Center Campus is located in Qingdao city center of Hong Kong road and the Ningxia Road interchange, lively but not noisy, nestled below fushan, facing the sea, the campus beautiful scenery, known as Qingdao east garden, adjacent to Qingdao eastern busi

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